Visiting research fellow at CCW, UAL , Chelsea College of Arts and Design.

Visiting research fellow at Cream, University of Westminster


31/05,1-2/06 Taller de videomapping “ Narrando Estructuras” junto a Gorka Cortazar en

La Boca Espacio de Cultura, Madrid. España

08/06- Taller de construcción de Mobiliario con Pales en la Huerta Jaramillo, Aranjuez.


29/05- 17 till 18.30 Panel with Steve Beresford and William Raban “ Audiovisual and

Performance Art: Collaborative Works” at Lecture Theatre , Chelsea College of Arts and

Design , UAL London

8-10/03 Taller de Videomapping: Narrando estructuras junto a Gorka Cortazar en Off

Limits, Madrid

19/01Material Studies: plastic. Performance and sonic explorations with Matthias

Kispert and Andrew Rilley. Guest: Steve Beresford. Open to participants, at Soundfjord,

London, UK

11/01 Visuales y técnicas mapping: encuentro de creadores y taller de iniciación

impartido por Blanca Regina y Gorka Cortazar. Madrid, Spain Foto


29-30/11 Workshop on Vjing and Mapping at “Besides the screen” Simposia University of

Goldsmiths , London. Information

28/11_16:00h Lecture: “ Expanded and Live. Towards real-time composition and

performance at Canterbury Christ Church University , UK

28/07- Material Studies workshop performance at V22 Summer Club, Sound//Store Space,

with guest Iris Garrelfs

23/06 – Material studies with Matthias Kispert . Playfull collective explorations of the

sounds within matter. Sound//Space | Pop-Up Record Store & Community Hub V22

Workspace, London,UK

26/05- 14:30 to 18:00 – Introductory session for material studies with Matthias Kispert

and Andy Riley. Playfull collective explorations of the sounds within matter. Sound//

Space | Pop-Up Record Store & Community Hub V22, London,UK

16/05-Open Research Panel: On Live Cinema. Lecture Theatre, Chelsea College,

University of the Arts, London.

20-23/03 Taller de creación audiovisual y Nuevos Formatos. En Gran Canaria Espacio

Digital, Cátedra Josefina de la Torre, Festival Internacional de Cine de las Palmas de Gran

Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

20/03-12:00h Artist Talk por Blanca Regina “Creación audiovisual y nuevos

formatos.Gran Canaria Espacio Digital. Festival Internacional de Cine de las Palmas de

Gran Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.


27/07 2:30 – 5 pm. – Open Research Panel: AUDIOVISUAL PERFORMANCES – Chelsea

Lecture Theatre, University of the Arts, London, UK. More info

17-05/30-08- Visiting researcher felllow at the CCW Graduate School within the /

University of the Arts, London.

14-18/03-Taller de composición, AV en directo y performance – La Casa Encendida,

Madrid, Spain.


18/12- “Introduction to Vjing and audiovisual performance “- Masterclass/ Lecture- by

Blanca Regina Pérez-Bustamante and Matt Black (Coldcut) at YotaSpace, St.Petersburg ,

Russian Federation.

18/11- Vjing Pannel Research (pdf) – Symposium “Besides the Screen: Moving Images

during Distribution, Exhibition and Consumption” Goldsmiths College, University of

London, UK.

15/10- Presentation of the AV:IN Cyberbrothers at Flacon Design Moscow.

/07- Doctor at U.R.J.C Madrid with the thesis ” El Vj y la creación Audiovisual

perfomativa: hacia una estética radical de la posmodernidad”. “Cum Laude” mention.

/06 Participation at VIIIth Congress of the NLS , Daughter, Mother, Woman in the 21st

Century, Genève, Exposition Autres par elles-mêmes Uni Dufour. Video: Que veut une

femme? by Laura Suárez González de Araujo and Blanca Regina. Dur: 4:30 min, 2o1o,

Paris – Madrid.

/04- Participation at the proyect Single Loop, Double Loop by Mika Satomi , Medialab

Prado, Madrid.

/03- Essay “ New trends in Vjing and visual arts” at special issue “ Live AV performances

audiovisuelles” at MCD – musiques et cultures digitales.- Paris, France.


/07- Workshop the AV live performances at la Creación Electrónica Cáceres, Spain.

/03- Invited by PNEK to travel to Svalbard to report about the experience and

perfomances of invited artists by Dans for Voksne, Norway.

02/22/Taller de Videoblogs- Taller Web 2.0 – Semana Cultural U.R.J.C Campus de

Móstoles, Madrid, Spain.


11/Pannel Discussion /Vj Theory-Cimatics, Belgium.

10/ Taller de Custom Made Hardware con Servando Barreiro, Klabs, Pamplona, Madrid,


06/Seminario de creación de formatos A/V a tiempo real, U.P.R. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

05/ VJ Talks by Avit Network&Vj Theory – LPM, Rome, Italy.

03/ Web Social 2.0 Sabes lo qué es? U.R.J.C. Madrid, Spain.